RWBY Episode 10: Quick Thoughts

It is time for yet another Quick Thoughts post on the latest RWBY Episode, and man if this one isn’t cool as hell. As usual this blog post will contain spoilers, so be warned!

Ruby Rose


For the longest of time, despite being featured as a main character in the show, Ruby Rose has properly featured her combat capabilities only in Players and Pieces, where she cuts off a Nevermore’s head like the boss she’s hyped up to be (I personally don’t acknowledge the cartoonish, funny animations she showcased in Volume 2 as proper combat). Otherwise she has always been on the sidelines, sometimes the emotional driver or the lucky star of the show, but never the fighter (I assume that it’s because scythe combat, like shotgun nun-chucks are harder to animate than punching and swordplay?).

That changes tonight. No, she still didn’t get to fight properly yet, but this Episode marks the true beginning of a hero. Tonight, Ruby Rose is the Huntress she has trained to be, and be it the Grimm or the White Fang, Roman Torchwick or Neo, in the name of protecting her loved ones, they are all going DOWN.

The Beacon Gang


Rocket propelled lockers are so bloody cool they should be in every mecha action show AND games from now on. But as cool as it is to see a Nevermore getting skewered it wasn’t enough to cover some obvious flaws in the animation and pacing:

  1. Polish. I notice that RT schedules their work using an almost ‘Just In Time’ policy, meaning that they start working on a show like RWBY for a month or two, and once three or four Episodes and the full script is ready they push it out while continuously working on the rest throughout the show. This is good for the company because they are concurrently developing and selling their product, but on the other hand you can obviously notice some lack of polish in the animations, camera angles, graphics etc. For example the beheading of the Nevermore is well choreographed, but feels as if it’s lacking in impact (Nora’s slowmo hammer bash feels really awkward instead of kinetic and powerful). This is one of those rare moments I say that the battle animation is lacking ‘The Rule of Cool’.
  2. Pacing. With only 2 Episodes left and so much awesome to squeeze in (There’s Neo vs Ruby, Roman vs Ruby, Blake vs Adam, Yang vs Mercury rematch maybe, Cinder vs Pyrrha maybe, Junior and the Malachite Twins, Amber, Qrow, Glynda, Grimm Wyvern Boss vs all etc) I just don’t think the Beacon Gang is going to get much, if any show time at all other than getting smacked around like flies by the Wyvern Grimm. In that sense, this Episode wastes a great opportunity to provide a satisfying group brawl and opted instead for the less time consuming option called a group photo. For example, I remember distinctively that we are promised some Sun Wukong awesome moments (which V3E2 absolutely isn’t). I don’t think I’m going to get it, and that’s sad.

The Wyvern Grimm


The boss looks effing cool. I speculate that the intense amount of negative motions awaken the ancient Grimm from its slumber. My sister says it’s from Mountain Glenn because it popped from a mountain, and although I smacked her head because there’s no direct proof at all she does make an interesting point. Is it possible that negative emotions can accumulate in RWBY-verse as if it has an energy form? That will be really cool.

On a random note, please don’t ask me why or how it’s sweating Grimm that is such a pointless question and like C’MON, just LOOK at that beautiful Wyvern! Now imagine fighting it as a secret boss in Grimm Eclipse! YAY!


The Crossroad


Pyrrha Nikos, I regretfully inform you that it is time to make a choice. Will you stand by your comrades and fight as you are, or will you sacrifice your humanity and become... more?

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