RWBY Official Manga Chapter 5 & 6 Mini Talk

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In fact there is nothing much to talk about. Turns out Chapter 5 and 6 really is just a retelling of Black Trailer from beginning to the end, like really? I was expecting something more. They did humanize Adam a bit by showing his shock towards Blake’s abrupt departure. Setting Adam’s own issues aside, this is the exactly problem with Blake’s attitude in Season 1: she doesn’t say anything, she doesn’t reveal anything about what she thinks. She quietly makes the sacrifice that no one knows and when it reaches a threshold, she just leaves citing that she can no longer stand the clash of beliefs. But here’s the thing, girl - you never told anyone what you thought. You just run away, again and again, leaving behind those people who believed in you and thought you cared about them. In part, it’s understandable why Adam is so pissed off by her; why Yang practically went nuclear when she found out that Blake has ‘ran away’ again. It must have been a pang of betrayal on a massive scale, on both ideals and feelings.


The best example I can give, is try and compare Blake and Adam’s situation to The White Hair Girl and Bestia’s situation (A Visual Novel, House of Fata Morgana, Second Chapter). If the White Hair Girl had chosen to leave Bestia after seeing his atrocities, then Bestia would have truly transformed completely into a beast with no chance at redemption.

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