RWBY V3E5 Quick Thoughts:

Good day citizens!… Oookay we’re not playing Citizens of Earth and it sounds so lame. Anyhow, now that Episode 5: Never Miss A Beat is out let’s talk about it! As usual, everything discussed here will contain spoilers so be warned!

Penny Polendina & Ciel Soleil


“Xie Xie Zhi Jiao!... Zai Gan Yi Bi?” “Bu Yao Ah!”

So we start off with Penny and Ciel dueling Russel and Sky, which of course ends in the latter’s complete defeat since Penny has the remote strength of a thousand men (triple that figure when it’s close quarters). We are then formally introduced to Penny’s partner, Ciel Soleil, whose opinion of Ruby is about as low as Winter’s. Ruby’s reputation among the Atlas community is actually starting to concern me, because normally people don’t describe to your face that you’re ‘underwhelming’ or ‘questionable’, right? Just what did she do, or what rumors are spread to make people think her in such a poor manner?

Back to the point, Ciel makes a great match with Penny. She’s a personality I cannot describe better than canon itself, ‘The Blake who’s ordered to spend time with you, Weiss’. Just gorgeous. Moreover, Penny’s human desires are properly highlighted through her interaction with Ruby (against the indifferent doctrine she lives as P.E.N.N.Y), setting up the potential conflict that’s sure to be one of the major highlights of Volume 3.


Yang/Weiss versus Flynt/Neon


Group Photo!

This is a really awesome fight. I got a feeling that some of Monty’s shots are in here because the music matches the fight scenes really well (although considering that Team FNKI is a rhythm-oriented team it’s only natural). Both Weiss and Yang’s weaknesses are highlighted here as the musical duo came this close to taking them out:


Weiss: As mentioned by Winter, her skills are ultimately not suited for direct confrontation and she needs a meat shield to defend her. Time and time again we are shown that her Aura capacity is smaller than your average Huntsman probably due to her lineage, i.e. the head wound during the White Trailer, the 1 hit turnaround Chainsaw Lieutenant, and now her failure to commit ‘suicide’ with her opponent. She needs her summon to buy time for her so she can analyze the enemy properly and take them out with her powerful spells.

Yang: The girl loses her cool way too easily. There’s a saying that goes somewhat like this: When in battle, light a fire in your heart, but keep your head as cool as ice. Yang failed the latter part horribly and was toyed by Neon for the majority of the battle. In fact, she was more preoccupied by Neon’s taunts despite noticing Weiss’ sacrifice, and it is only after the battle that she really ‘wakes up’ from her rage to feel an urgency for her teammate. This may be a side effect, but it doesn’t bode well for Yang either way if she cannot keep her Semblance or her emotions in check.




Protector, Energy, New, National, er, Synthetic…? I’m really bad at this.

This is less shocking than you think, and in fact I saw this coming since the end of Volume 1 (at the time Volume 2 is said to be covering the whole ‘Beacon is going to DIE!’ thing, so). This part of the story will probably go like this: Cinder is going to hack Penny,Ciel is probably going to worsen her condition because she’s never told Penny’s an android, and Ruby is of course the final hope to save them all! Something along that line.




“So Ozpin... You look like you can use a dr -” “No.”

The ‘Guardian’ concept is still too vague to make an accurate assumption, but there are 3 ways I can think of to go with this:

  1. A senior Huntsman selects a fledgling Huntsman/apprentice – named ‘Guardian’ – to eventually take up their mantle,
  2. Several exceptional Huntsmen are chosen to become the leaders among a Huntsmen community,
  3. Professor Ozpin, the current all-important, one and only Guardian selecting his future successor.

Choice 2 seems the most reasonable at the moment.


This is a fantastic episode, but it is also a filler episode. The plot barely moved at all, and the actual meat of the story barely covered a quarter of the episode. Here’s to hope that RT hasn’t wasted too much space that they cannot squeeze in the promises they gave pre-Volume 3.

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