RWBY Volume 3 Episode 4: Quick Thoughts

So Episode 4: Lessons Learned is out, so let’s talk about it! As per the earlier blog everything discussed here will contain spoilers, so be warned!

Coco and Yatsuhashi SUCK at PvP


At least Yatuhashi looked like he was having a great time napping.

“Well that was quick,” said Emerald to Mercury with disdain during one disappointing night. But seriously, Coco and Yatsuhashi may be Grimm extermination specialists, but let me be upfront here: Their PvP skills are atrocious. Of course team villain had studied them and devised a strategy to utterly checkmate them, but they still should NEVER have been chosen to participate in the doubles division. Below are some of the glaring weaknesses Coco and Yatsuhashi shown throughout the fight:

  1. They have no intel on their opponents and have severely underestimated them. This is obvious when they couldn’t deal at all with Mercury’s surprise attack despite being a 2 on 1, and complete disregard of Emerald’s stealthy presence until she bites them like a snake.
  2. They are a full offense / zero defense type team. Both have abilities that can mow down enemies in a single hit and have obtained many victories through a similar formula, so when they’re faced against opponents who knows how to circumvent those strength, they have no idea how to deal with them.
  3. They shares no synergy when in PvP battles. As mentioned above the Coco / Yatsuhashi team is great against the Grimm, but horrible against intelligent Huntsman who can turn their weakness against them. They’ve never trained how to coordinate in close quarters, as evident by Yatsuhashi’s awkward movements because he’s afraid of hitting Coco, and Coco nearly shooting her own teammate while being slapped all over like a baby.
  4. They do not know the workings of the arena, or even understand how to use the terrain to their advantage. At one point Yatsuhashi caught Mercury by his neck and could’ve ended the fight by slamming him into the ground. But instead he chose to throw him towards the air at the direction of the hot spring terrain, not only allowing Mercury to recover but also trick him into being sprayed by boiling water shooting out of many tiny holes.

    As for Coco, the moment she was pulled into the forest she should’ve just ran like HELL out of there, because even if she doesn’t know Emerald’s abilities she should’ve known that her minigun is ineffective against an enemy who has so much cover to duck behind.Worse, her bullets doesn’t penetrate trees – which is why I say they don’t understand how arena fights work – due to Dust barriers similar to the ones that cover the arena, rendering her minigun utterly useless in that particular duel.
  5. Coco in particular, has atrocious close quarter combat skills. She’s too reliant on her minigun that the moment you take it away from her she fights about as good as a trainee, or worse (Weiss would probably be in the same position if she doesn’t master summoning). Did anyone realize that she didn’t score a single hit throughout the battle?

The Schnee Family Hereditary Semblance: Glyphs and Summoning


Ruby Rose says: This. Is. AWESOME!

So the Schnee family is special in that their Semblance and hereditary, which explains why Winter and Weiss shares the same set of skills. In addition, we also learn that they can summon any enemies they’ve defeated in battle, such as Winter’s white Beowolf and Weiss’ tiny sword (the golem in White Trailer).


There may be people who think that this white Beowolf Winter summoned is a kind of ‘purified’ Grimm, it’s already been proven wrong since Winter said that they can summon ‘any’ fallen enemy, and Weiss’summon is shown to be a sword. I believe that it’s simply Aura materialized in physical form.

This also brings up the interesting topic of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, Alpha version. Those who have played (or watched clips) the Alpha would know that the boss is a ridiculously tough White Beowolf. Now we can theorize with canon evidence that this ‘Grimm’ you fight is very likely a summoned creature by someone from the Schnee family. If you have access to the Grimm Eclipse Beta then you’ll be able to speculate even further – but per RT’s policy I won’t reveal anything relating to that.


Qrow is a Professional at Socializing


Yang’s mini skirt is shorter tho - GUBEH!

If I write any longer this won’t be a ‘quick thought’ anymore, so I’ll keep this section short. Qrow Branwen, master of social manipulation. Distracts his nieces with stories to beat them at their video games, then completely avoiding their question about his ‘last’– which is his ‘current’ – mission while delivering a sermon and a joke along the way. You’re too good at this Qrow; that’s why people like Ironwood can’t trust you.


Aliasing is Getting Worse?


It may not seem that bad here, but it’s incredibly obvious at 1080p and happened throughout the whole scene.

On a plot unrelated note, the aliasing issue is getting worse. Look at Ruby and Yang’s faces. It’s been bothering me since Episode 1 but it hasn’t been as bad as this, like look at their faces! I read somewhere that it’s due to down-scaling from 4k to 1080p or something. Regardless, this is something RT should find a fix in future Volumes.

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