RWBY Volume 3: Episode 6 Thoughts

Dear all. I’m not sure why I started with this. Maybe it’s because I’ve been writing emails all day to Sirs and Madams and Names all day long, but anyway let’s get going with RWBY Volume 3, Episode 6 Thoughts! It’s not going to be quick - after such an explosive cliffhanger, I don’t think any RWBY fan can keep their opinions in, much less short!

I will also be posting a Half Season Review a day later - we do have 3 weeks to rot in a pit of speculations after all. No need to gobble up all the candies now and cry later!


As usual, everything discussed here will contain spoilers so be warned!

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Have a seat. And some coffee. You’ll like it black. Milk and sugar? What are those?


The obvious topic to start this Quick Thoughts is obvious, but let’s talk about this man first. If you would remember Volume 1 Episode 10, Professor Ozpin once said a very profound quote to a certain young woman,


“Ruby... I’ve made more mistakes than any man, woman, and child on this planet. But at this moment, I would not consider your appointment to leader to be one of them.”

Ever since that Episode, assuming that Ozpin isn’t lying to Ruby, I’ve theorized (random advertisement, but the people at RWBY Wikia are the most reliable theorists that you can find!) that Professor Ozpin is immortal, or at the very least outlived every single human being in Remnant.


Even then there are many signs that indicate that Ozpin is more than what he seems (World of Remnant: Aura, his portrait is shown along the line “More than just a man”; old Professor Port’s subtle comment, “I’ve believed in Professor Ozpin for many years, and the man’s never once let me astray!”), and now we seem to have yet one more circumstantial evidence from the man himself,

“Would you believe me if I told you that one’s been around since I was a boy?”

Pyrrha obviously didn’t understand the implications, because of course that fairy tale is going to be around since Ozpin’s a boy; the fairy tale’s older than everyone in the world! What exactly is the point in saying the obvious? To Pyrrha, she probably thinks that the Professor made a meaningless comment to sooth her nerves, and yet from our point of view we know for a fact that he has never made a meaningless comment throughout the entire show. I don’t think he has even utter a blatant lie yet.


Professor Ozpin is obviously more than what he seems. So who wants to venture a bet that he’s a protagonist with his own epic prequel? Who wants to see him own bosses with his cane sword?? *raises hand*

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For some reason, I can’t stop thinking that this is a beginner’s puzzle to ‘Spot the Ruby’.

The Four Maidens: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

Now then, to the meat of the episode. If you’re wondering why fairy tales are given unusually strong emphasis by the Guardians of Remnant, that is because they’re all real. The Shallow Sea? Real. The Girl In the Tower? Have you met Yang Xiao Long? And then there’s The Tale of The Two Brothers; you thought you’re just playing a game, didn’t you, you sick little -


Well okay, poor jokes aside you get my meaning. Fairy tales play an incredibly important role in Remnant, and no matter how far-fetched or childish a story seems it should never be treated lightly. The Four Maidens of The Seasons exist in real life and wield such tremendous powers that they are seen, even in the current light of science and technology, to be as miraculous as magic. That is a lot to swallow, either for the viewers or Pyrrha herself.

But I won’t talk too much about Pyrrha or the Maidens themselves; this is the hottest topic in every RWBY discussion forums and I don’t need to bore you with what you already know. Instead, I’ll put down here a few food for thoughts:

  1. The red-garbed, final Maiden ‘Fall’, “Begs him to look at all that he has and be thankful.” If we assume that this line describes her powers, then can we assume that she is able to cause someone to relive their memories?
  2. Did the fairy tale of The Seasons come before the Grimm War described in V1E1, or after?
  3. At the beginning I thought Penny’s research is an attempt to create artificial Aura soldiers, with the goal of eventually mass producing them against the Grimm. Now it may seem that I’ve thought too small. What if Atlas’ goal is to mass produce artificial Maidens? They would be unstoppable, Grimm... or human.
  4. Let’s take a look back and remember the lyrics of Sacrifice:

“Born an angel, heaven sent,
Falls from grace are never elegant.
Stars will drop out of the sky,
The moon will sadly watch the roses die.

Show them gods and deities,
Blind and keep the people on their knees.
Pierce the sky, escape your fate.
The more you try the more you’ll just breed hate,


What if all the plans you made,
Were not worth the price they paid?
Even with the lives you stole,
Still no closer to your...

You can’t have my life.
I’m not your sacrifice.
You can try, but I’m free,
And you won’t conquer me.

I won’t crawl,
Most of all,
I won’t fall,
For you.”


This is commonly understood as Cinder Fall’s song. Now let’s us also assume that the singer here is a Maiden and ask yourself this question:

Is Amber truly innocent, or did she deserve her down-Fall?

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Oh fallen Maiden, what are you truly afraid for?

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Not even I can joke about this.

The Semblance That Framed Yang Xiao Long

Again I’ll try to not waste your time by tediously reiterating THE hottest topic among RWBY fans (quite literally too) and go straight to the heart of the matter.


Whose Semblance - or magic - it is that framed Yang Xiao Long?

Before we answer the question though, I want to make something clear. I’ll try to make it short. Up till now, we have seen possibly 3 types of illusion:

  1. The glass-like illusion from V2E4. Used by Neo. Does not have a sound effect.
  2. Full body illusion. The person is able to mask themselves completely as someone else. Used by Neo and Emerald (take the face value facts and exclude the speculations for the moment). Again, it does not have a sound effect, although it is possible that Neo and Emerald has changed themselves out of screen and hence, RT saw no need to add it in.
  3. Single body hallucination or AOE illusion. Single body hallucination is the more reasonable choice here, because there are millions of people watching the tournament. There has to be a Huntsman out there who can potentially see through illusions, therefore hallucination is the most secure way for team villain to pull their stunt without being realized by anyone (except Yang, who has heard the sound of a Semblance triggering). Used by ???. Has a sound effect.

With these listed, let me start right away with an unpopular opinion: Neo is not the culprit.

  1. Neo: The reason for this is simple: A Semblance’s sound effect. As the late creator Monty Oum has said before, whenever a Semblance triggers a unique sound effect will follow. We have heard Neo’s Semblance’s sound effect at 13:01 Volume 2 Episode 11, and it’s something like a ‘whoosh’ kinda wind sound. But the sound effect here is very different like an abrupt Minor. That reason alone is enough - until proven otherwise by future episodes - to state that Neo is not the culprit who framed Yang.
  2. Emerald: She is a far more likely culprit. Twice in a row - once when she was ambushing Coco, and second being the fastest person to reach Mercury after the ‘incident’, which we can use to assume that she was stationed very close to the arena - we’ve seen her causing people around her vicinity to see something that wasn’t there. While we didn’t actually hear such a sound effect when she ambushed Coco, it could’ve happened off screen.
  3. Mercury: Even more likely than Emerald, this dude is the second most suspicious out of all the potential candidates. During the doubles fight, he had defeated Yatsuhashi before Emerald took down Coco, so it’s entirely possible that he came to Emerald’s aid and caused that illusion. And of course, during the singles fight the sound effect happened right after he said his heated quotes, so it’s entirely possible that the hallucination Semblance is his.

    That being said, for such a cocky fighter to have such a... I don’t know, cowardly? Semblance is a bit unexpected. I mean, this dude’s a freaking wolf and he has hallucination as his Semblance? Common sense is bane in deduction though, so you may ignore this line of thought.
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Cinder: Now if you’re asking me, then this woman here is who I believe to be the true culprit behind Yang’s downfall. The reason is exactly the same as why I ruled Neo out of the list. Sound effect. Go rewatch Volume 2: Episode 7 (Dance Dance Infiltration) around 12.:20. It is very, very similar, if not outright identical. Coupled with the fact that she purposely left her seat even before the fight started, Cinder is my chosen Culprit Who Scre - I mean, Framed Yang Xiao Long!



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Holy butts that was long I haven’t even bathed wrote this for like 3 hours straight, but damn if Episode 6 isn’t super awesome. The exposition’s great, the pacing is good, there isn’t filler like the previous episode and best of all, THERE IS ALMOST NO NOTICEABLE ALIASING HURRAHHHHHHH-MA-GAWD WHY DIDN’T THEY DO THIS EARLIER MY HEART!

As a cliffhanger, well, for me I didn’t actually feel it too much because the ending of Volume 3 has been theorized since forever. We already know that it has to end badly or at best a Pyrrhic victory, so the fact that they’re finally doing it makes me feel more relieved than anything else. A side effect of chasing RWBY 3 long years I guess.


But I really should wrap this up. For those who hasn’t watched Episode 6, watch it. For those who did, watch again. The tension is strong in this one, and an episode that can wring your heart is the best kind of entertainment!

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