RWBY Volume 3 Episode 9: Dead Thoughts

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Credits go to dishwasher1910, who accurately predicted the future like a boss.

So, yeah. That happened.

So first things first - as terrible as this scene might be, the fact that RT chose a known cyborg to die pretty much says that Penny is not going to actually die in the series. There’s also the fact that Penny told Ruby earlier, “I know, but I have a plan.” If you are unaware, she’s talking about a plan where she could arrange herself to stay at Beacon. It is highly possible that she either has a backup body or a way to upload her consciousness somewhere to avoid Ironwood’s eyes. Her head was unharmed after all.



Meanwhile, Cinder continues to keikaku the entire show with her endless schemes. Thankfully the Grimm numbers have thinned and the White Fang shredded to a couple of planes and caged Ursi, but with Roman and Neo in control of a battleship (hence air superiority), Junior/Malachite twins not even making an appearance yet and Cinder Mercury Emerald gunning for the Maiden’s power amidst all the chaos, this is going to be interesting.


Speaking of which, if I’m not mistaken next week’s a break...? Compared to last week this one is an even better cliffhanger. I’m glad they cut it off at 12 minutes - it was the sweet point to cut off the episode, or they’ll have to continue further and possibly break the flow. In conclusion, MORE. WAITING. YES. I’m surprised how nonchalant I feel; probably because RT has been playing delays since freaking forever, but yeah. WAIIIIIT. AND STEWWWWW.

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