RWBY Volume 3, World of Remnant - Huntsman

Here we’re back again for another talk. For those who are unaware, World of Remnant (WOR) is a short video that acts as a break between episodes that provides exposition about the background of RWBY. This would be the 6th WOR of the series talking about the animated show’s most prominent role, Huntsmen.

Huntsmen / Huntresses Wields Enomous Power


As narrated at the beginning by Professor Ozpin, Huntsmen rank higher than Kingdom police or military in terms of strength and skill.One comparison that immediately came to mind is of course Marvel comics and the sort, where a bunch of superhumans wage war against each other while the normal humans around them has little to no hold over their actions or choices.

But RWBY is a different case. To start with there are significantly more superhumans in Remnant, enough that they can be schooled and trained to fight at a very young age to fight against humanity’s greatest threat. It is also speculated that any human has the potential in them to become a Huntsman (as long as they unlock their Aura; Jaune Arc being one such example), so in that sense discrimination among humans over this issue is a lot less obvious as compared to say, between Faunu and humans.

However, that does not mean that the status quo did not exist. Huntsman are superior to your normal human, and they are given a kind of freedom neigh unthinkable in our modern era - the choice not to join any particular nation and live under their rule. Of course there will be some common laws they have to abide no matter where they go, but as you can see that as the only shield that stands against the Grimm Huntsman are given enormous power... and that power can be abused.

This is a speculation, but Cinder Fall seems to be working to prove that the Huntsman are fallible and to cause a divide among the human community. If she succeeds, whoever she’s working for will have gain a huge advantage.


The Kingdom of Mantle is Defunct, Now Called ‘Atlas’


This is interesting, because it is implied that either Mantle was once eliminated by the Grimm before it was reclaimed, or that the old monarchy system (constitutional monarchy possibly?) had been abandoned in favor of the newer, more modern system. I personally think it’s a kind of stratocracy. The potential reasons behind this are endless, and I’m honestly not informed enough on this subject to make an educated statement, but there are rumors saying that we will get to see Atlas in Volume 3, so we’ll look forward to that.

Who is Axe Lady and Sword Wielding Hoodie?


Yellow dude gets his butt saved by super bad ass woman and becomes her partner. Yeah, that sounds like a certain Jaune Arc’s history alright, despite the circumstances being slight different. Betting five bucks that they are Jaune’s parents!

A Huntsman Alignment


The final sentence’s message reads innocent, but it obviously has a darker edge behind its literal meaning. All Huntsmen are expected to serve humanity, but what about those who aren’t willing to do so? One can assume that by ‘never to succumb to the darkness’ he means to not die fighting against the Grimm, but we can also read between the lines and see it as a warning to Huntsman not to turn towards an evil path, much like our current villains Cinder, Emerald and Mercury. Whether the warning is purely moral or hinting towards a change more sinister or even irreversible... time will tell.

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