Web Novel Introduction: Magus' Journey

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Original Title: Magus’ Journey (巫师之旅)

Language: Mandarin

Author: Yi Hang Bai Lu Shang Qing Tian (A Row of White Herons Rising Above The Green Sky, 一行白鹭上青天)


Link: Magus’ Journey


“Give me infinite knowledge, and I will become the lever that moves infinite worlds.”



A long time ago, the Magus civilization was an unstoppable force. With obtaining knowledge as their ultimate goal, they have conquered countless worlds and civilizations. However, one day they encountered the impossibly powerful Abyss civilization and was nearly brought to extinction. When all hope is thought lost, with his life as the lever and an impossible amount of Energy Stones harnessed into his ultimate creation ‘The Fulcrum of Fate’, the greatest of all Grand Magus Antonio shifted the entire Magus world far, far away to an unknown coordinate in the universe, and saved them all from absolute destruction.


But although they escaped, Antonio paid with his life and passed away with the infamous quote, ‘Give me infinite knowledge, and I will become the lever that moves infinite worlds.’ Moreover, the Magus world’s days are numbered as it was broken forcefully away from its original point in the universe.

But they are not afraid. They are patient. With each passing day they become stronger, smarter, more powerful. When the time comes, they would not tremble before the Abyss.


It would be the Abyss who trembles before them.


This deserves special mention, because time is a very, very long element for a Magus. Below is an example to get you understand the scale of their lifespan:

  • Normal humans: 100+ years.
  • Magus Apprentice: 300+ years.
  • Rank 1 Magus: 2000+ years.
  • Rank 2 Magus: 10000+ years.
  • Rank 3 Magus: 20000+ years.

I don’t remember the exact numbers so there may be a mistake, but basically, the greatest of Magus have practically an infinite amount of life. At the latest the protagonist has already lived over tens of thousands of years - the majority of it is spent when he was trapped inside a time distorted space; in the real world only a few thousand years have passed, but you get what I’m saying.



Imagine the Magus of Fate/Zero (a reason why I chose ‘Magus’ over more appropriate terms such as ‘Wizards’ or ‘Sorcerers’), and then an entire world (composed of countless planets) populated by such people. Then imagine an impossibly grand scale that spans across worlds, universes, and even beyond dimensions. Interested? Then read on.


The novel narrates the journey of a lowly commoner ‘Green (格林)‘, whom after his grandfather’s death, happened upon a Magus Apprentice selection ceremony and decided to pay 1 Gold to gamble for the chance to become a Magus. This is the first turning point of his life.

Green succeeded, but during the journey on sea towards the Light Magus’ academy, a Dark Magus hijacked the ship and kidnapped all of the apprentices for himself (the Dark Magus academy that is). Thus, Green’s life is changed yet again, and he became a Dark Magus Apprentice far more experienced in death and cruelty than any Light Magus Apprentice would.


Over time, he ascended into a true Magus and began participating as a Demon Hunter in the war between worlds. It was more plundering than an actual war - most of the time it is just the Magus descending on a pitifully weak world, ravage them (by turning every war-able creature into slaves, dissecting their bodies and researching specimens, robbing every usable resources they could find before fully converting the world into a slave farm or resource mine. Basically every 4x strategy game ever without the citizen uprising bullshit), then move on to the next one.

This is all to gather the necessary strength, knowledge, and able-bodies for the future war against the Abyss, and much more recently the upcoming Civilization War against the Terminators (no, you did not read this wrong). It’s also the best part of the novel especially when the Magus does extremely evil laughter (Jie jie jie jie jie) and when the civilians scream in despair before being enslaved and slaughtered.


As of now the Civilization War is being fought against the Terminators, but the Magus are running out of time. The Abyss is slowly but surely emerging in their universe even though the distance between them is like north and south. They have to defeat the Terminators quickly, or they may find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place very soon (although by their terminology, ‘soon’ can meant between a few thousand to tens of thousands of years).

The Protagonist, Green

  • As of the latest chapter, he is a peak level Rank 6 Stigmata Grade Magus.
  • His true body is so huge that even with his natural talent he has to ‘squeeze’ into a world like toothpaste out of a tube. Just imagine a giant face on the sky covering your FOV from left to right and you will get my meaning. For smaller worlds, he is literally too big to fit in.
  • His powers, or should I say energy, is the Void. In the past ancient Magus had tried to assimilate this power into their being to no avail, but Green succeeded and became the first Void Magus in history. It’s less impressive than it sounds, because Magus are always striving to obtain knowledge so there are a lot of unique powers out there that cannot be learned by another Magus. However, Void is at this moment, acknowledged to be the most destructive power / energy to exist.
  • He has a pet crested myna, also formerly the pet of the Grand Magus Antonio. His true form is a 2D drawing on a handkerchief. He lives inside the dimensional gap, and can hide inside instantly the moment he senses danger in the outside world. Speaking of which, the dimensional gap is considered the craziest world ever in Green’s opinion because it is an imaginary world that follows zero logic, and he would never enter there unless given absolutely no choice.
  • His achievements make him often described as a shining comet. He rose from zero to hero so quick (a few thousand years to achieve Stigmata is not unheard of but incredibly rare, and he is the fastest to date) that it is impossible to tell if he will vanish just as quick in the future, or grow to become an indomitable power of the Magus civilization.

Love Interest

1 true love and 4 potential love interests. At first Green wanted to love one and only one person, but after thousands of years and certain circumstances, he realizes that his love need not waver even if he accepts others, especially when life is so fickle even during a peaceful era (the Magus who fails to ascend will not be able to extend their lifespan, hence).



Magus’ Journey is one of the most unique Chinese web novels out there to ever exist due to One, it realizes knowledge as a true power; and Two, it lives on a grand scale that is unmatched by most, if not all. I would suggest readers of any level to give it a try (well, maybe not the kids...). It will be worth it.

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